A cheapest web site builder connects your items to the QTrace app on your phone and helps you find them. Connect QTrace to anything you want to track and use it to find your misplaced keys, phone or wallet in seconds. Or use the QTrace to ring and find your phone, even if it’s on silent.


Connect it, Ring it, Find it. Ring your keys, wallet, anything with QTrace.
Stick QTrace to the things you care about and use the app to make them ring when you’re in range. With a loud melody, they’re easy to hear rooms away.

Let QTrace find your phone.
Looking for your phone? Tap the QTrace to make your phone ring. Even if it’s on silent.

See where you last had it.
The app remembers where your QTrace was last connected. Check the map for the last location.

Become part of the QTrace community.
Expand your search by asking the QTrace Community for help. Just tap the ‘Mark as Lost’ button and anonymously put all other QTrace users on the lookout if your item is not where you last had it. When your lost QTrace is found, you’ll be notified.

Sharing is caring.
In the app, you can share your QTrace with multiple devices and people. Share your QTrace with family and friends to increase finding power.

Your mobile device can be a virtual QTrace too.
With the QTrace app, your phone or tablet can become a virtual QTrace. Set up an account on each device and use them to find one another. Or log into the QTrace site and check your phone’s location there.

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Developer Information:

Name: Hitesh Ramoliya
Email: theqtrace@gmail.com
Developer Website: https://www.theqtrace.com/

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