Pixel Path

This game will have you swiping and tapping many weird and wonderful characters through an assortment of different worlds, with the goal to collect coins and travel as far as possible. The coins can be used towards unlocking characters and themes, or for improving power-ups!

Game Play
Starting as a little rabbit in a forest world, your goal is to simply take your fluffy friend as far as you possibly can! Instead of controlling your character, however, you move the path pieces into place. Make sure to avoid obstacles and traps, or your rabbit will meet its end! Furthermore, if you are not fast enough choosing a safe path, your run will come to a swift end as the path falls away.

The game requires skill, dexterity and quick thinking; the perfect concoction for addiction!

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Developer Information:

Name: CyberWolf Studios Wolf
Email: cyberwolfstudios@hotmail.com
Developer Website: http://cyberwolfstudios.co.uk/

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